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Welcome to my kitchen!

My name is Michelle Pohl. I reside in Jordan, Ontario, and have lived in, and raised my family in the Niagara region for 30 years. I bring a lifelong passion for food: From gardening, food preparation and recipe development to my greatest pleasure … sharing the foods I love.

I bring theorectical experience from Alive Academy in vegetarian nutrition and practical experience from restaurant management, catering and teaching private cooking classes at the Superstore. Now I am opening the doors to my personal kitchen to indulge my love of sharing what I have learned!

To quote Michael Pollan, "Eating in our time has gotten complicated, needlessly so". Therefore, my mission is to take the complicated out of food and to share my passion for our food and our planet.

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Need my products or services?

I host a monthly market where you will be delighted to find all my 'nutritionally yummy' products for sale. I also include favourite organic and raw products from other vendors. And if you cannot come to me, I can come to you! Services include: Professional and personal catering. Meal plans that I prepare and deliver. And a local (developing) initiative that meets local Niagara farmers and prepares their freshly harvested, seasonal produce in our kitchen class!

Local food, local classes :)

If you are a beginner in the kitchen, curious about changing your food life style or have lost your passion for food … why not bring together friends, family or colleagues and attend a hands-on vegan, vegetarian or raw cooking class!? Each class will be held in my home kitchen snuggled in the heart of Jordan village. Classes will focus on ingredients ( local & organic when available ), technique and the enjoyment of the nutritious wholesome food that we have prepared together.

Class sizes are small 4-8 ppl per class.

Seasonal Recipes!

Recipes should match the local season and combine garden harvests with cooking and traditional preservation methods. Each class will offer kitchen techniques and an intuitive grasp of food preparation and preservation, when applicable. Please see our current recipes and classes posted!

Where to find me?

You can find me at the Grimsby market or NOTL market in the summer months selling a variety of granola, energy bars and a variety of RAW crackers and goodies! On occassion I teach classes at the Superstore. Mainly you will find me nestled in my Jordan abode cooking scrumptious delicacies and experimenting with local food choices. :)

Wednesdays: N.O.T.L. super market 5pm till dusk

Thursdays: Grimsby's farmers market 3pm till 7pm

Saturdays: N.O.T.L. farmers market 8am till 1pm

VEG FEST: June 2nd, 91 King st., St. Catharine's

EMPOWERING WOMEN day in the park: August 24. 10am to 6pm Polonia Park, N.O.T.L.

GARLIC FEST: September 14th, 765 York Rd., N.O.T.L.

A network of friends.

I have been indebted to many individuals throughout my vegetarian journey. Thank you.